Victoria Tower & Pimlico Gardens

William Huskisson by John Gibson R.A.

I shot these on a very overcast day, the statue is in Pimlico Park which is about 10 minute walk along the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. The statue is of William Huskisson, he was a stateman with a long distinguished parliamentary career and depicting him in a Roman toga  was a device to tell the onlooker that Huskisson was a distinguished highly valued man of peace. Huskisson is also remembered because his was the first notable death from a railway accident – he was run over by George Stephenson’s engine Rocket. The sculptor was John Gibson R.A (this means he was an elected member of the Royal Academy of Art, a Royal Academician).

The Burghers of Calais by Rodin

I love this statue, in fact I just love Rodin’s work full stop! The statues commemorate events in 1346 when Edward 111 of England was laying claim to the kingship of France as well. He laid seige to Calais cutting the town off from help, the King of France failed to break the siege but ordered to the town to hold out till the end. However facing starvation the civic leaders of the town, the Burghers, were forced to surrender Edward responded by saying he would spare the town if the Burghers came out stripped of their clothes and in chains.  There are 12 casts made of Rodin’s famous statue made, they are all over the world now and they are all slightly differently for instance sometimes the figures stand in isolation rather than in a group.

Emily Pankhurst …. if you don’t who she is then please Google and learn, she is to important to have my few words here be all you know 🙂

Locking Pieces by Henry Moore

Henry Moore was the pre-eminent English sculptor of his day, his works were generally monumental in size. The idea behind this piece, done 1963-4, apparently came to him when he was rolling a couple of stones around his hand they became locked together. It now stands on the Thames embankment almost opposite Tate Britain.

The Navigator by Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace says his interests are the human figure, journeying, boats and navigation, arrival and departures.

The Buxton Memorial Fountain

The Buxton Memorial Fountain commerates the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834.

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  1. André Wallace - Metal Sculptures - Workshopshed Says:

    […] Just down the road in Pimlico gardens, there is “The Navigator“. […]

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